Hairfucker offers induvidual approach to all clients. Our professionalism can satisfy the hfighest demands.

Are you looking for quality? You've just found it! Most of our clients are constant. More than 600 people to us each month. those, who wants to look cool and make a striking impression.

Maria Fufaeva

kirill and Maria — the founders of the Hairfucker Studio
Having worked over 10 years in the best salons of the city and absorbed the experience of the leading hairdressers from different countries of the world, they realized their creative mission and opened the unique combination of the hairdressing studio, photostudio and creative space in one place. Thus the Hairfucker Studio was born.

Over the years of working together, Masha and Kirill have changed the perception of many people about the art of hairdressing, they have already developed and continue to develop new concepts in modern hair design, have inspired hundreds of colleagues, have gathered a strong team of professionals and developed their own powerful training program.

But most importantly — they have made thousands of customers and hairdressers happy, breathing new life into the art of hairdressing.

Our team

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