We see only the result. Every day,almost every minute,going outside , talking with friends, flipping through magazines, looking at himself in the mirror, we see the result of the hairdresser’s work. Behind each haircut, every man, every head where you have hair stays a hairdresser. His experience, his education, his emotions, his pains. In general, everything is simple. Why performance? Because it means the new form and we – hairdressers, are constantly working with forms, always in search of a suшtable form to express emotionsб human emotions. And now we want to transmit our emotions. So we take the form, it means the performance. Because it’ a shift. If artist’s performance is a process, the job of a hairdresser is also a process, but the result is primary. In the case of performance it’s all the way around. There is no result. Rather the result is always there, but there’s no finished result. The result is emotions. Who thinks about the hairdresser? Who remembers the man who did this haircut, when you see a beautiful image? The viewer thinks about anything except this person. But here we want to move, to focus, to remove attention from the cuts, from work and focus on the emotions of the person who did the haircut. To tell about the hairdresser. It’s a kind of therapeutic, psychological effect of living, which is useful as for us to understand our pains, fears, and spectators or the people that cut their hair once a month.

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